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  • "I was out of work for 6 months with no interviews. Channel redid my resume and within two weeks I was called in for an interview and was hired within a week."
    -Amanda F.
  • "Channel at New Orleans East Career Center is very professional and knowledgeable. She helped to transform my resume and cover letter to put me in the best position to secure employment." - Danielle D.
  • "I highly recommend their services. It was a pleasure working with Channel and she was very helpful throughout the whole process of creating a better resume. She listened to my career goals and encouraged me in my journey of finding employment." - Chanda W.
  • "​I was always one to write my own resume. I thought "Who knows me better than me?". Then I let Chanel revise it and realized how much better a job she can do. She really has a gift. Do yourself a favor and let her help you get the position you really want. She is very efficient and extremely professional. You won't regret this."  - Daniel P.
  • "I have had the best, rewarding experience working with Chanel. Thank you so much for your expertise and constructive criticism in helping me prepare for the next level of my career. You listen to me, and helped me identify what I thought to be a weakness, you saw strength. Then you revitalize my resume, it is outstanding. I thank you so much and I look forward to your continue guidance, spiratual support, professionalism and care." -Dierdre G.
  • ​"Mrs. Blunt, helped me tremendously! She went out of her way to assist me in making sure I was prepared for my interview. Thanks so much NOE Center for Career & Personal Development! You're Awesome!" -Shay M.
  • "​This career center is 'the REAL thang'! Within a week of having my resume reviewed and formatted, I was on my way to my first interview in almost five years! Awesome service, thank you." -Deanna S.
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • personalized training and development
  • career, passion, and personality assessments
  • soft skills training
  • resume critiquing and rewriting
  • online job application assistance
  • ...and more!

Channel Clivens Atkins has parlayed her love for learning and boundless desire into a career in which she equips others to find their career callings. That passion to empower resonates throughout her professional life, as she has coached, enabled and educated others to successful jobs and callings.

Channel began her professional work at learning centers. She graduated from instructing students to consulting and directing operations and building community relationships. 

“My strongest interest lies in being a catalyst of change for other people,” she said. “I understand and care about people and get personal satisfaction from bringing out the best in others.”

That desire to help people bring out their best was never more evident than in 2014 when she became executive director of the NOE Center for Career & Personal Development. There she has sown into the lives of those journeying through career transitions and embarking upon new careers.  

As executive director, Channel provides a hands-on approach to career assistance. She provides one-on-one career development and job search counseling in-person, on the telephone and through social media. She works to meet people where there are – in her local community, or on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo!Answers, Craigslist Job Forum. Instagram – and helps people identify their passions and interests. 

“I value faith, integrity, and helping others,” she said. “I thrive in an environment where I am able to serve others and can use my gifts of leadership, administration and wisdom to make things happen for them.”

She earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from Loyola University, with additional studies in middle school mathematics from the University of New Orleans. She also earned a master’s in business administration from Regis University. 

Channel writes a weekly blog entitled Your Life Remade where she answers career related questions.  She is a current, active member of the National and state of Louisiana Career Development Associations, the Louisiana Counselors Association, and the Louisiana Career Development Association.



Our mission is to empower and support job seekers as they transform their passions, education, experience, and skills into fulfilling careers by providing guided career development, planning, and preparation through a variety of programs,workshops, courses, reference materials and career coaching. 


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