Resumes & Job Readiness 
  • resume development
  • soft skills training
  • goal setting



Career Planning

  • career assessments
  • occupation matching and resources
  A personalized approach to career and personal development

Our Career Development Specialists provide 1-on-1 job coaching as well as soft skill development, career, passions, and personality typing assessments; resume critiques; and job search strategy and execution training.

Call us: 504-434-0510

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Job Search & Application Assistance

  • online app help
  • best practices

Interview Preparation

  • mock interviews
  • immediate feedback

Need help breathing new life into your resume? With developing your skills and abilities to land and keep your dream job? Look no further. We can help you meet the objectives you have in mind. 

Our career development center was founded to help job seekers increase their level of employability and achieve their career aspirations against all odds.

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